Showcase concert: Friday 10 July

Two Sonatas in very different forms bracket the offerings in tonight’s concert. Ysaÿe’s 3rd Sonata is generally the first of the set of six that violinists learn; it is the only one with a subtitle (Ballade).

Although not technically a sonata, Schubert’s Wanderer Fantasie is cast in four movements which run without pause; it is widely considered Schubert's most technically demanding composition for the piano.

The pieces in between these two challenging works make their own demands on the performer, including one slightly unusual one – the loss of a piano part led to us inviting David Dolan, who teaches improvisation to the pupils, to give an example of his work by improvising a piano part to accompany Isla Schwarz.

This concert will go live at 7.30pm on Friday 10 July.

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