Sonic Postcard: Wednesday 8 July

The pieces in today’s concert are all composed by YMS pupils. Nearly all of them have been produced since lockdown began and are testament to the creative energy and drive of our students. Some of the pieces were made on computer, using sound recorded by students in their day to day lives then transformed through the use of technology.

These pieces are glimpses, or refractions, of the aural world around us. Other pieces, written for more traditional instruments, are reflections by the students upon their place in the world, their culture, their landscape, their background. Meditations upon place and identity.In amongst these are a handful of longer pieces to end each concert, the product of some of our older pupils’ ongoing composition work. All the pieces in this concert offer proof, if proof were needed, that creativity will always thrive, whatever the situation.

This event will go live on Wednesday 8 July at 1pm. Just scroll down the track list below to see all of the pieces in this playlist.

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